Can We Track Knowledge and Identity?

Everyone says it, but are they doing it? Knowledge and Identity in Blogging and Social Media Research

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Tracking Knowledge and Identity

In our inaugural issue we want to collect tales of methodology. How are you tracking knowledge and identity in your social media work? Are you using semantic data to build graphs? traditional cotent analysis? Digital or ethnography?, the real kind not the lip service version.

We will want more than "This method of analysis is rooted in "identity kits" (Gee, incorrect page number)," or "constructivism (Random Piaget and Vygotsky citations, probably one a version in Russian you can't read." As we think about or describe the methods dig deep into underlying belief systems. Think about who benefits in these systems? Be critical of your your own perspective.

Then describe methods you have used in the past in context of your theory. Let's discuss strategies to capture this. Collaborate with other disciplines. Computer Science, philosophy, human development. What is happening on the web is bigger than anyone one field. Preference will be given to interdisciplinary pieces.

You may use theory to critique a method commonly used to today. While you can submit theoretical methodologies based in theory these methods must be applicable today. In other words, unless your piece is on futurism, don't describe a theoretical study relying on automated tutorial dog-bots shaped like kittens.

What's nice about the web is that it looks unfinished

You should see a common theme. We want to use theory to explore existing and possible methods for tracing identity and knowledge. I think we have said theory enough to get this point across. Of course if your theory is there is no theory you are welcome to unexplain the methods we can not use as well.

Submissions can be of any length. They just must be from your own website or blog. We encourage the use of multimedia as long as the mode enhances the meaning. If you don't know any html do not worry. You can just publish your work on your website as normal. When the piece is done your facilitators will help you syndicate to our site.

If you do know html/css you are welcome to style and write your article in any kind of modality you choose. No javascript please...besides what we already junk up our site with, welcome to use yours own site but we don't want to worry about all that here.