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We are recruiting editorial board members

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Do, Don't Ad-Hoc Committee

Ad-hoc committees provide hospice care for innovation, Scholars console each other on what could be rather than building what should be and then argue over each word in the eulogy. We take a very hands-on approach here at zamzidat and need more scholars interested in doing over talking.

This venture is quite new and we will take it slow. Maybe an issue or two a year or possible a more rolling submissions as articles finish the open review process. If you have never been a section editor,reviewer, or journal editor in the past it is tough, and we will be doing this wihtout release time. Worse some may even be old your efforts "don't count".

If you are the type of public scholar who engages in community scholarship and believes research belongs at the intersection of theory and praxis you belong on our team. If you feel the academic publishing system exploits our labor and corrupts our schools you belong on our time. If you beleie young scholars should be taught through coaching rather than rejection you belong on our team.

There will be no email. We will organize around our website and possibly a chat room or #fediverse instance. Reach out to get involved.

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